Book: Underland

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TSIL436 = The Secret in Locker 436

Underland:  A Deep Time Journey is a swift, songlike read about the underground by British nature writer extraordinaire Robert Macfarlane.


The NY Times said this in June 2019 about the book:

“Underland” recounts a series of explorations under the surface of our planet. In England, Macfarlane goes caving and studies, with a young plant scientist named Merlin Sheldrake, the fungi that create a cooperative system below forests. In Paris, he plunges into the catacombs and falls in with an avant-garde troupe of urban explorers, wriggling through tiny openings into grand caverns.
In Italy, he tracks the flow of a partly subterranean river, the Timavo. In the Slovenian highlands, he considers sinkholes, and the gruesome ways they have sometimes been put to use.

In the book’s final sections (he calls them “chambers”), he visits a nuclear-waste containment site in Finland and sea caves in Norway, and considers global warming in Greenland. He catalogs the things that, long buried in ice, are now returning to the surface of the world, sometimes to humanity’s steep detriment.

The website for this superb nature tract is here.

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