Deep Caves in France Reveal Ancient Tracks

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In this deep cave, dinosaur footprints have been discovered, per ScienceNews this week–

The team discovered the prints, left by behemoths related to Brachiosaurusin Castelbouc Cave in December 2015 (SN: 2/21/18). But getting to the site might make even the most hardened field scientists balk. Wriggling through such dark, damp and cramped spaces every time they visit is challenging for elbows and knees, and even trickier when carrying delicate equipment such as cameras, lights and laser scanners.


Three-toed prints up to a foot long and lavishly explained in January of 2018 in the International Journal of Speleology were left by carnivorous dinosaurs walking  through marshland about 200 million years ago — and it appears that they walked upright on their hind legs.

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